Forgiveness: Surrender

Today, let hurt go Bitterness is costly debt Forgive to be free     Header image by Nathan Anderson

Ready or not… Baby is Coming

Here is a re-bog from a  mother who has an inspiring story on wellness and motherhood. I find in her writings an important message on  the uncertainty of a new journey. She works in the mental health field and is dedicated to spreading messages on motherhood, wellness, and intersecting the world between mom and wife.

3. Other People’s Opinions Don’t Define You

We have all had the pleasure of experiencing the superfluous opinion of a friend, family member or coworker. These , often unrequested opinions, typically effect us more than we would like to admit. Sure we may laugh or attempt to shrug off negativity  but we often internalize them more than we realize. Or maybe you have found yourself at the opposite end of the spectrum. Perhaps opinions that validate you are actually your downfall

What Africa taught me about Minimalism

One of the most important lessons that I learned was that my possessions were not my source of happiness. Although I was dependent upon the objects in my backpack to live comfortably, they didn’t actually bring me happiness. Instead I discovered that my spiritual life and my experiences in life, brought me the fulfilment and peace that I desired.

Why choose minimalism?

Whatever it means to you, deciding to become a minimalist will bring you the freedom and the clarity that many of us search for, but never seem to find.