Meaningful Relationships: Intentional Friendship

One of the values that I really enjoy about minimalism is its emphasis on intentional and meaningful relationships. Just as a one simplifies material possessions in pursuit of a less cluttered and more fulfilling life, it is equally important to pursue and maintain friendships that lend to your development as a person. These friendship require intention, selfless love, sacrifice, time and commitment and they aren’t always easy BUT they are always worth it. Here are a few tips and indicators of meaningful intentional friendships.


1.) Maintaining any kind of relationship has plenty to do with intention. In a friendship, intention means reaching out to offer a kind word of love or gratitude both when asked for or “just because”. Intention is a continual conversation between you and a friend. It’s a consistent reminder of your love and dedication to them.


2.) Friendship requires you to bend over backwards sometimes. You will have to love someone outside of yourself and you will have to put their needs before yours at times. Sounds challenging? It is. But its one of the many reasons that God calls us to interact with others. By learning to love selflessly, we learn the heart of Christ. After all He made the ultimate selfless move by sacrificing Himself for us. But also remember this maxim,”While you bend to love your friend, make sure they bend too. Friendship means “we” not just “you”.

3) Time and Sacrifice

Spending time together is also essential. Its the moments and experiences that you share with a friend that will water and grow your relationship. Sometimes this will require sacrifice. It will require you to change plans, to forget your schedule, or at times even give up that “me time” so that you can minister to a friend. For when God calls us to friendship, He calls us to selfless love, commitment, and sacrifice.


4.) Simply put, just as a tree is pruned, so shall the friendships be in your life. Sometimes you will have to let go of friends and sometimes friends will let go of you but you will be okay. In fact, you will be better because the ones that stick will love you selflessly, communicate with you intentionally, and sacrifice for you freely.


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  1. shiva says:

    Hi, I am shiva from India


  2. Nia says:

    Hey Chante! Thank you for this post. It came at an optimal time, as I was just reflecting on my own friendships and “friendships”. I pray you’re doing well 🤗

    God Bless you!

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    1. That’s awesome Nia! So important


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