The Minimalist Prayer

“True godliness with contentment is itself great wealth” (1 Timothy 6:6)

 The Minimalist Prayer theory maintains that the pursuit of less is a lifelong prayer signifying that spiritual clutter is brought about in the excess of material possessions, psychological dissonance, and the absorption of a “more more” culture. It is a countercultural state of being that rejects the assumption that material increase is tantamount to achievement. Recognizing that true success is measured in an individual’s definition of value. Value being a key component of the minimalist lifestyle, in which it becomes the substance of the minimalist prayer. The prayer a never-ending conversation with God, requesting of Him a life of humility, purpose, and intention. A life occupied only with things that bring value being: material possessions not obtained by greed but instead necessity and joy, a mental state promoting health and well-being, and a will strong enough to maintain and thrive in a countercultural existence.

Header image by Stephen Radford 


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  1. Chandra Lynn says:

    A never-ending conversation with God… Yes and Amen…

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