On Fear and Friendships

Today I was in dire emotional need. I really needed a friend. Lately there has been so much emotional clutter attacking my mind. I’m in a new phase of life; I’ve just completed my college career and to be honest, I’m scared. I’m terrified of the future and feeling purposeless. I’m terrified of working an 8-6 job and being unhappy. I’m terrified of feeling forced to subscribe to social constructs that I don’t believe in. Today I just became overwhelmed.  All these emotions crept up inside of me and reared their ugly head. Then in the midst of my meltdown came these wise words from a friend. I’d like to share them with you.

1.) Remember who you are. There are times when people will berate you with questions about your plans. Pressure will be high and you may feel lost but IT IS OKAY NOT TO HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS. Take a moment to breathe and live through this process. The answers will come in time.

2.) You are not required to explain yourself to other people. People won’t always understand or agree with what your plans are but guess what? They don’t have to! You know why? Because this is not their life, it’s yours. You only have one life to live. Make sure you don’t let others dictate how it’s lived.

3.) You and God have this under control. The path you choose may be unconventional. It may challenge cultural constructs, it may raise some eyebrows, it may even bring criticism, BUT…if you and God are agreed on it, then your right where you need to be. There’s no need to explain to others. There’s no need to apologize. There’s no need to change. Be who you are, that’s good enough.

I hope these words help someone who is at a similar crossroad…I hope today you choose to rid yourself of this emotional clutter and choose freedom.

Feature image by Brook Cagle


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