Minimalist Life Hack- Traveling 

So I LOVE traveling in general but I especially love minimalist travel! If you have ever traveled light then you know what I’m talking about. It’s such a freeing experience! Today my husband and I are flying and the whole process thus far has been so wonderful! We didn’t have to worry about hauling a whole bunch of luggage while shuffling into the TSA check line and our bags fit effortlessly into the airline compartments. It’s liberating! So today, I decided to share a minimalist life hack on packing for short trips. Instead of having a small carry on suitcase, try fitting all your clothes into…(drumroll please)… a laptop bag! Sounds crazy right? Yes, it’s definitely unconventional but we are minimalists after all! We breathe the unconventional! I discovered that the different compartments in a laptop bag make it perfect for travel! I can fit my toiletries and my accessories into each neatly and effortlessly. Also, some laptop bags contain straps on the inside, which you can use to secure your items as you travel. Understandably, the laptop probably won’t fit in the laptop bag. If you can get it in there be careful. It may not be the safest. I’m traveling without mine for this trip.

So that’s my minimalist life hack for the day! Of course it won’t be the best option for everyone, but give it a go if you can. You may surprise yourself! Try it out and let me know what you think in the comments below!



Header image by Annie Spratt


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