What is “home”? A Minimalists Perspective

Whenever I spend time  with family , I am reminded of what “home” really is.

Home is not found in the country that we are from, or in the neighborhoods where we reside. Home is not found in the things that we own,  or in the rat race we run to buy more things.

Instead, home is found in the life that we live ; in the time that we spend with the people that we love. It is found in the heartfelt words confided to sympathetic ears ; in the dreams and passions that burn deep inside our inner beings, longing to be birthed into beautiful moments.

Home is found in the laughter shared with the ones  we love ; in the spirit of thankfulness for what we have.

Home is found in seeking to live well in a world that teaches us to own more and live less.



Header image by Kari Shea




3 Comments Add yours

  1. TheWellSoul says:

    This is so lovely and imprint


  2. Succinct but powerful message… really like this and it’s so important that we focus on living instead of focusing on getting things “needed” to live life.


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